Family Offering $100,000+ For A Nanny, But There's A Catch

The rates people pay for childcare range from a few dollars an hour for a neighborhood babysitter, to some big bucks for live-in nannies, and right now one family is willing to pay over six-figures for the right nanny for their kids, but before you start working on your application, there is a good chance you won't fit the bill for what they're seeking.

The family lives most of the year in Miami Beach, Florida and have a three-month-old boy and a two-year-old girl. To ensure they have a nanny every day of the week, they are actually hiring two, both at a salary of over $100,000 a year. However, for that kind of pay, their nannies have to be able to work long hours and be incredibly flexible, to the point where they might not be able to freely live a life of their own. According to the listing, "the position requires extreme flexibility as family's schedule changes at various times in the year." As for the hours, it says, "Schedule on days working will be a combination of 8:00am - 8:00pm or later," three to four days a week. The posting also warns "nanny should be comfortable working many days consecutively." Additionally, there are eight to ten weeks of travel that are required - that's not including the time spent away between May through October, when the family lives in Toronto, Canada and the nannies need to be there for that as well.

Unhappy mother having problem with noisy naughty little daughter

Unhappy mother having problem with noisy naughty little daughter

Applicants must be experienced with play-based learning and creating educational activities, knowledgeable about child development, supportive of teaching manners, be able to take the kids to and from school and activities, prepare meals for the kids, do the kids' dishes, clean their rooms, pack their bags for trips and, of course, be discreet about their position. They also need five to ten years of full-time nanny experience, pediatric CPR certification and a clean driving record. The right people for the gig will earn that big salary plus monthly $500 health insurance stipends, three weeks paid vacation, five paid sick days and even an annual bonus and raise (based on a performance evaluation).

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