Couple Killed In Car Accident On Their Way To Their Wedding


A New Jersey couple was killed in a tragic car accident as they were on their way to Pittsburgh for their upcoming wedding. Kathryn Schurtz and her fiancee, Joseph Kearney, were driving through Pennsylvania when they encountered some traffic due to an earlier accident. 

While they managed to stop, a tractor-trailer driving behind them could not and rear-ended them, pushing their car into another 18-wheeler and causing a chain reaction that involved a total of five tractor-trailers and the couple's vehicle. The crash also sparked a fire, which torched the couple's car and two of the trucks

The highway was shut down for around 12 hours as authorities worked to clear the scene. 

Schurtz, who was the daughter of a former Fanwood, New Jersey, councilwoman, worked for Oracle Data Cloud in New York City after earning her MBA from Notre Dame, according to her obituary.

"She will be remembered for her voracious appetite for reading, love of cooking, and trailblazing new adventures with Joseph."


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