Cheerleading Coach Arrested For Forcing Teens To Do Splits Not Charged

posted by Reid Mene - 

INJOEarlier this summer a Denver high school cheerleading coach came under fire after a video surfaced showing him forcing teens to do the splits until they cried in agony.

The coach, former East High School cheer coach Ozell Williams, was fired from his position following the video's release. However, Williams also faced a criminal investigation, which potentially could have landed him jail time.

That said, those hoping that would be the case might be disappointed.

In a press release issued Saturday, District Attorney Beth McCann stated that despite the images shown in the painful video, where students are being physically forced to do the splits, Williams will not face any charges, Fox News notes.

McCann stated that while the video is “painful to watch,” and Willams's coaching technique “has no place in high school cheerleading coaching,” his “bad judgment” didn't add up to “a prosecutable crime,” Fox News reports.

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