Plans to turn Paula Deen's childhood home into a museum are still moving forward, despite the controversy upending the queen of Southern cuisine.  Businesswoman B.J. Fletcher hopes the holidays will bring an eventful ribbon-cutting ceremony in Albany, Georgia. 

The museum idea has been in the works for almost two years now.  Fletcher has been working with Deen's ex-husband, Jimmy Deen, to get it off the ground.  They're awaiting approval from the city leaders to move the home from its current location to a location near other Albany tourist attractions.  Once everything is in place, Fletcher says the Deen home will be comparable to the Tupelo, Mississippi home Elvis Presley grew up in as a must-see stop for visitors.  

Deen, meantime, continues efforts to salvage her crumbling empire cracked by a discrimination lawsuit and her admitted use of racially-charged language.  The fallout has cost the celebrity chef numerous partnerships with high profile business interests. 

Photo Credit Getty Images