Henry County Commissioners approved some signage changes to county roads at their Tuesday session. 


            Henry County Engineer Tim Schumm reported there are 3 intersections that will be affected along County Road 19.  Commissioners approved to change the intersections of 19 & P and 19 & Q1 to a 4-way stop.  Schumm noted the 4-way stop will be in place for about a year to get motorists used to stopping.  Then, the stop signs will only be at County Roads P and Q1 to allow for County Road 19 to be a through street.  There will also be a change to 19 and N1. 


            The project has already been approved by Defiance County Commissioners.  The changes are expected in the next few weeks after the two engineers’ offices coordinate. 




            In other business, bids were opened for a bridge project on County Road 7 south of P.  Two bids were received, both under the engineer’s estimate of $316,500.  The proposals were tabled until Tuesday July 15th.