The polls will be open from 6:30am till 7:30pm tomorrow / Tues for the primary election in Ohio.   The HenryCounty board of elections reports 421 residents took advantage of early voting in their office; while another 290 voters cast ballots at the Fulton County Board of Elections.   There were just over 200 requests for absentee ballots in HenryCounty, and another 136 filed in FultonCounty.   Ballots were also received from nursing homes, and other sources prior to the Primary election.


HenryCounty has 19,216 voters registered for the primary; while FultonCounty has 28,786 registered voters.


There will be 23 precincts open for voting in HenryCounty on Tuesday, and another 36 in FultonCounty.                         


The LibertyCenter school district will consider an 18.5 million dollar bond issue for construction of a new school.          The Patrick Henry school district will vote on a replacement levy of 1.9 mills for permanent improvements, to help bring all students to the middle-school high-school campus in a building project.                       Napoleon city residents will vote on the issue of whether to cease operation of a police dispatch, and out-source that service to the Henry County Sheriff’s office.


The village of Deshler is seeking a 2.1 mill levy for police protection.  And the village of Holgate is considering two levies-one for the swimming pool, and other for general parks and recreation.


FultonCounty has school levies on the ballot for Pike-Delta-York and Swanton districts.             And  FultonCounty residents will consider a renewal for senior citizen services.