The BuckeyeState is returning to work, especially in northwest Ohio, where every county in the region reported unemployment rates below the state average.   Both Henry and FultonCounties reported jobless rates of 5.1% in May, well below the state average of 5.5%.   And each of those counties recorded an unemployment drop of over a half-percent from the month before.   A year ago at this time, both Henry and FultonCounty were looking at jobless rates of over 7%.


DefianceCounty’s unemployment remained steady in May at 4.9%, while WilliamsCounty dropped slightly to 5%.  PutnamCounty was lowest in the region at 4.1%; and WoodCounty checked-in at 4.9%. 


The highest jobless rate across Ohio was Monroe county at 10.8%- the only county in double digits.   The lowest unemployment for May was found in MercerCounty at 3%, and HolmesCounty at 3.5%.