With pressure coming from the Ohio EPA to reduce overflows in their sanitary sewer, Liberty Center Council is asking village residents to help the cause.   Smoke testing has revealed the overflows are coming from residents that have sump pumps and down-spouts channeling rain water into the sanitary sewer, which is creating the overflow.   As a result, Liberty Center Council has approved the first reading of an ordinance requiring residents to separate that water on their own property, or penalties can be imposed.


                        Another ordinance was approved by Liberty Center Council this week regarding snow removal.  Anytime there is over a 3-inch snowfall, residents will be required to remove vehicles from the downtown, to help in snow removal.               LibertyCenter has applied for community block grant funding to help in tearing-down two houses in the village- one on East Street, and the other on Maple.  The cost is estimated at close to $20,000 for the total.               And a contract was approved with Go Green Company to grind-up the village brush pile, at a cost between $7,500 and $8,000.   Mulch should be available for residents when that takes place.