Despite falling jobless numbers all through the early part of this year; June’s report on unemployment in northwest Ohio was another story.   The numbers were released by the state Job and Family Service office, and indicated every county in the area increased from the May report.  June unemployment in HenryCounty was at 5.6%, while FultonCounty hit 6%.  Both counties were at jobless rates of 5.1% in May.  A year ago, HenryCounty’s unemployment rate was 7.8%.


DefianceCounty’s rate jumped from 4.9 to 5.6%, which was the same figure for WilliamsCounty.    PutnamCounty had the lowest unemployment in the region at 4.4%; but that was also higher than their May figure of 4.1%.


                        Wood county jumped a half-point to 5.4%.


Around the BuckeyeState; the highest unemployment was reported in MonroeCounty at 11.7%.   And the lowest jobless numbers were recorded in MercerCounty at 3.3% in June, and HolmesCounty checked-in at 3.9%.