The June report for vehicle titles issued in HenryCounty showed an upswing for last month.   Clerk of Courts, Connie Schnitkey reports there were 605 total vehicle titles issued in June, compared with 520 for June 2013.        New car titles jumped from 26 to 45 in the monthly comparison.          But titles for new trucks fell from 20 to 13.       Titles for new RV’s and motorcycles fell slightly in June; but there was a sizeable increase in used vehicle titles for the month.


Titles for watercraft dropped-off last month from 66 last year, to 56 in the June update.                         The report from Henry County Common Pleas Court indicated 35 new cases were filed in June, compared with only 19 last year at this time.


And there was a small gain in U.S. passport applications for June, rising from 12 last year, to 16 issued last month.