While HenryCounty recorded some of their lowest jobless numbers in recent years; the story was not the same for the rest of northwest Ohio.  The July unemployment rate for HenryCounty dipped to 5.3%, from a reading of 5.6% in June.   A year ago, the unemployment rate in HenryCounty was 7.5%.           FultonCounty had the highest jobless rate in the region for July at 6.1%, up a tenth of a point from June.  But that rate is still far below FultonCounty’s unemployment a year ago, which was 8.2%.   DefianceCounty’s unemployment in July nudged up from 5.6 to 5.8%.   WilliamsCounty checked-in at 5.7%, and Wood Count hit 5.6.         Even PutnamCounty, which normally has the lowest unemployment in the region jumped up, from 4.4 to 5%.


Checking around the BuckeyeState, the lowest jobless numbers were MercerCounty at 3.3%, and HolmesCounty at 3.9%.


MonroeCounty had the highest unemployment in July, at 12.2%.