With the consortium proposal for a water treatment plant in a holding pattern for northern HenryCounty; the current regional water and sewer district is still running a water system to residents in Malinta and McClure.   That board approved a replacement project for water meters and fire hydrants in McClure, at a cost of $125,600.   They are also enhancing their system with a chlorination station and altitude valve which will cost $13,000.   There are also plans for an aeration station to improve the quality of water in their system, which is estimated at $489,000.                     The Henry County Regional Water and Sewer district utilizes water from the Maumee River, that is distributed from Napoleon’s current water plant.  Due to the long time that water sets in the pipeline, it requires more chlorine.                  As the Henry County Regional Water and Sewer district ponders whether to join Napoleon in the water treatment plant upgrade; they are also considering options of taking water from the city of Bowling Green, building a new water plant on the their own, or even tapping into an aquifer located near Neapolis.