The economic development effort in HenryCounty took a hit recently, with word that funding from the ‘business and expansion’ program in the region has been reduced.  The Henry County CIC was expecting as much as $7,650; but recently learned that amount will only be $2,500.  The new revenue calculation is now based on the size of the community, and how many companies in that jurisdiction have companies with 50 employees or more.   The Regional Growth Partnership, which distributes the money, reports HenryCounty only has 6 companies with 50 or more employees.


 The Henry County CIC will be seeking an updated ranking, since they believe 4 more companies fit into that category.


            An audit of the Henry County CIC is currently underway with an independent firm, something that’s required by law.


And the Henry County CIC planning committee met with consultant Glenn Grisdale to help develop strategies for enhancing local economic development.