It sounds like northwest Ohio is prime ground for natural gas pipeline plans.  The Fulton County Commissioners heard from the third company seeking to run a natural gas pipeline from eastern Ohio, through FultonCounty.   Mark Waggoner addressed the commissioners concerning plans for the Spectra-Nexus natural gas pipeline.  It would cover 250 miles, in a project that could be completed in 2017.   Commissioners asked if property owners would have the option to turn down the pipeline on their land; and they were told by Waggoner, easements for the land would have to be negotiated, although taking the land by eminent domain is possible, but a last resort.   The FultonCounty board did receive confirmation that this is a natural gas distribution pipeline project, and not a plan to dig for the resource in this area.


                     The Fulton County Commissioners approved a contract with Brian Brothers Painting and Restoration LLC, for exterior painting of the courthouse, at a cost of $58,700.


Another contract was finalized with Schalk Brothers, Inc. for rehabilitation of a bridge on road 3B.


Following an executive session, the Fulton County Commissioners turned down a leave-of-absence request from a Job and Family Services employee.