The employment picture in northwest Ohio for the final month of 2013 was a mixed bag.   The Ohio Department of Job and Family Services reports Henry County and Fulton County saw their unemployment rates rise in December, while Defiance, Putnam and Williams Counties reported lower jobless numbers for the last month. Henry County’s rate bumped from 6.9% in November, to 7.2% in December. The Fulton County rate nudged slightly higher, from 7.2 to 7.3%.   Defiance County checked-in with the lowest unemployment in the four-county area at 6.2%, falling from 6.8% in November. And the rate in Williams County dropped from 7% to 6.4%. Putnam County had the lowest jobless rate in the region at 5.7%, down slightly from the 5.9% reading in November.   Wood County recorded a jobless rate of 6.3% in December.   That meant Wood, Putnam, Williams, and Defiance Counties were all under the state average of 6.6% last month.   While Henry and Fulton Counties both rose above the state average by over a half-percent.

            Checking other parts of the Buckeye State; Monroe County had the highest jobless rate in Ohio at 14.6%.   The lowest unemployment for December was recorded in Mercer County at 3.8%, and Holmes County at 4.3%.